Enviraculture Ecology works with planners and architects throughout Ireland and the UK to help them secure planning approval without avoidable delays.

One of the key frustrations planners and architects face is when a proposal is rejected or delayed due to failure to consider the impact of development on protected species. To avoid this, follow our Three Simple Steps:


Book a Preliminary

Book a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal as early as possible in the project to determine if protected species could be present at the proposed site.

information gained

Use the information gained from the survey to assess the impact of proposed development on habitats that could be used by protected species.

effective & proportionate

Incorporate our effective and proportionate recommendations on mitigating the impacts on protected species and their habitats, and highlight these adjustments in the proposal.

By addressing these issues early on in your project, delays and unplanned costs can be avoided. Don’t let your proposal be rejected or delayed, follow these Three Simple Steps and secure your planning approval today!
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