Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW)

Enviraculture Ecological Consultancy

Enviraculture Ecological Consultancy provides Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) services which typically include the preparation of documentation before construction activities commence and delivery of ecological requirements on site to meet key development milestones.


The ECoW role involves monitoring to ensure that site based construction activities are delivered. We work with site personnel, so as to avoid contravention of relevant wildlife law, and so that the works comply with planning consent commitments and the ecology elements of principal contractor documentation. Such works may also aid the discharge of planning conditions. The ECoW also pro-actively identifies and resolves ecological issues, however minor, that could otherwise give rise to third party criticism of the scheme, and ensures that the workforce are aware of their responsibilities. This helps ensure that work proceeds in accordance with the project plan.

Consultancy Services:

We regularly provide EcoW services to residential housing, public (education), utilities, heritage, renewable energy (wind and solar), and the minerals sector. We aim to assist clients in as cost effective manner as possible providing advice regarding timescales well in advance of the start of construction in order to help ensure development timeframes can be met. We have experience of working with local planning authorities, statutory and non-statutory conservation organisations.

Depending on the scale and type of the development, our role as the ECoW may involve the following:
Production of and input to key construction phase site documents, some of which are required for condition discharge during the pre-construction phase. 

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